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About us: 

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Hi, I’m Shelley Jarl. I’m a, mom, Christian, entrepreneur, business owner, writer, and lover of all things creative. My family and I can be found down the end of a ridiculously long driveway, in the middle of 54 acres, in the mountains of New Hampshire. As proof of my insanity, I own Weimaraners.

Recently, after 20 plus years of homeschooling, my life took an enormous change and I found myself wondering “who am I?” and “What am I doing with my life?” As new direction for my life began to unfold, the Lord placed Tishia and Faithful Bloggers into my hands and He said “consider this”. After much prayer and consideration we decided Faithful Bloggers was a good fit for our family, I then became the owner of Faithful Bloggers.

It’s amazing really how God works things out when the time is right, and according to His plan. As I have spent time on the phone with Tishia regarding the change of who’s steering the Faithful Bloggers ship, I found myself telling her “When I talk to you, it’s like I’ve always talked to you.” God is such a good connector.

My vision is for Faithful Bloggers to continue to serve Christian Bloggers in their quest to reach the world. I hope to expand the offer of resources to assist you in your endeavors and to foster a community where we encourage one another in our efforts. This will not however be a solo mission, my daughter Johanna will be assisting me.

I can also be found online at or

I am Johanna Ellen, an eccentric, spirited, adventurous, tea obsessed, New Hampshire Girl. Amongst my most favorite things are reading, writing, sewing, dancing, visiting place I’ve never been, playing the piano, ice cream, people watching and dogs. I have a great thirst for knowledge and enjoy any meal that contains cream cheese.

My greatest desire is to share the love of Christ and to make my life one that gives God glory. Long term, I hope to be a published author, the owner of a purple truck and, eventually a wife and homeschool mom. I believe the world is a beautiful place and I fully intend to enjoy it while I’m here.

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